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September 29, 2019

How Non-Surgical Body Contouring In Calgary Works

Getting rid of stubborn fat doesn’t have to require invasive surgery. Whether you are trying to reduce cellulite or constantly dealing with trouble areas, non-surgical body contouring can help produce the results you’re looking for. But just what does non-surgical body contouring entail?

A Different Approach to Body Contouring In Calgary

Opting for non-surgical body sculpting in Calgary makes sense when you understand how it works. Using a device called truSculpt 3D, radio frequency technology is used to break down fat pockets on your body. The truSculpt 3D can target common problem areas such as the thighs, sides, stomach, and arms.

The Benefits of truSculpt 3D

While there are other non-surgical body sculpting solutions out there, truSculpt 3D uses a gliding device. The gliding motions allows for a more even and aesthetic shape as the fat breaks down. This means that you can expect better looking results than the alternatives.

The treatment is so effective that patients usually see visible results with just a single treatment. What’s more, the whole treatment takes only 15 minutes and is practically pain-free. This is a far better option than invasive treatments like liposuction where you have to deal with pain, bruising, and potential bleeding.

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Many people also aren’t aware that liposuction doesn’t always lead to the best results. The fat removal may be uneven and there may be excess skin as well. And of course, you also have to deal with the risks of invasive surgery.

If you’re looking for a way to deal with stubborn fat and cellulite, non-surgical body sculpting in Calgary is the better option.

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