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June 12, 2020

How to Protect Your Body after Contouring in Summer

Body contouring in Calgary is one of the most exciting solutions to come out of the weight-loss and treatment industries in quite some time. TruSculpt, in particular, follows on the heels of the CoolSculpt treatment but improves upon it in many ways.

For instance, there is almost no downtime associated with TruSculpt, whereas CoolSculpt leaves bruising and soreness for several days, or even weeks, after the treatment is completed. As well, TruSculpt is better at treating more areas and can even be applied to persons who are obese, a feature lacking from traditional options.  

Protecting Your Summer Body Contouring

When you go for your first appointment to get body contouring in Calgary, you will likely be told the effects are not instantaneous. Instead, the treatment is performed, and 30 days later or so, you will start to notice the results.

This is because of the process that TruSculpt requires. Firstly, the vibrations of the machine are sent into your fat cells, which causes their cell walls to break. From there, your body will find quite a mess to clean up and pull up its metaphorical sleeves to begin the work. That work, cleaning and removing the broken fat cells is where the majority of the time required to see results lies.


However, during this time, and even immediately after the treatment, you will not have to worry about accommodating the procedure because there is no downtime. Meaning, you can go through the process in the morning and show up for a picnic in the afternoon. Or, you can complete the treatment in the afternoon, and then go out for a night on the town that very same evening.

Although, there is one stipulation that has already been noted, but it bears repeating here. The stipulation is that you will not have noticeable effects immediately after treatment. While this shouldn’t be looked at as a potential reason to avoid the procedure, it also means that you cannot get the treatment the day before a big event as the effects will not have appeared by then.

When to Get Body Contouring

So, if the treatment isn’t effective immediately, when is the right time for you to engage with body sculpting in Calgary? Probably right about now, actually. The spring months are a great time to start, as you will begin to notice the effects right before summer starts in earnest.

Plus, all you need to do to get started is book an appointment with a provider of the services in Calgary. You’ll be thankful that you did, and impressed with the results!

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