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October 19, 2022

The Three Types of a Chemical Peel

The three types of chemical peels in Edmonton

A chemical peel is one of the best procedures to combat a myriad of skin conditions and remove signs of visible aging from your face. This particular procedure will potently exfoliate the skin, shedding away years of damaged skin and remedying conditions that are seemingly difficult to correct. A chemical peel in Edmonton consists of a professional applying a chemical solution on the skin that will penetrate varying layers. Eventually, a layer will peel off completely, and a light stinging sensation will also be felt. Chemical peels vary in intensity, and depending on how extensively your peel will penetrate your skin, results will vary. 

Find out about the three types of chemical peels, and how they benefit your skin, and you’ll often need more treatments for the best results. 

Light peel

A light peel is perfect for anyone who wants the benefits of a chemical peel without the long recuperating process. A light peel will work on the top layer of skin on your face, where you’ll experience a minimal amount of redness and peeling for about a week before it should dissipate, and new, more glowing skin will begin to emerge. Although it is only a light peel, slight burning and stinging will be felt when the chemical solution is applied to your face. Any complications stemming from a light peel are extremely rare.

Because a light peel is not as long-lasting as the other peels, you’ll have to get it repeatedly done every four weeks for successful skin results, and these peels only cost around $100 to $300 per session. 

Medium peel 

When you receive a medium peel, medical supervision is usually required within a medical office. This form of chemical peel will remove the top layer of skin and rework the second of the skin in the process. As your skin heels from this peel, new collagen will be formed, and the older collagen will be stimulated and tightened. A medium chemical peel is particularly helpful for those who want to expel wrinkles, sagging, mild sun damage, fine lines, and skin discolouration and for resurfaced skin. The recovery time of a medium peel is much longer than the seven days it takes to heal from a light peel, as you can expect several weeks to fully recover from excessive redness and peeling. You will initially look like you’ve been sunburned as the peeling begins a couple days after the treatment is applied. 

Results will be much more explicit than a light peel, but it is also more costly, with the price estimated at around $1000 to $2000. For continued results, you can get repeated treatment every six weeks. 

Deep peel

A deep peel is the strongest type of chemical peel you can receive, which will penetrate the skin's deep layers. Because this type of peel is so intense, it is typically performed at a medical office, within a surgical setting, where you can put it under general aesthesia. This deep peel will combat deep wrinkles and furrows, scarring, substantial sun damage, pre-cancerous growths, and visible acne scars. The deep peel will produce visible and deep results but can take as long as three months to fully heal. Your skin will become extremely red and swollen and will scab over. Because this chemical peel is so involved, you do not require repeated treatments for the best results. 

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