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April 24, 2020

TruSculpt: The Advantages Of Using This System

Body contouring has become one of the most effective ways to improve the look and feel of your body in 2020. For a long time, however, the only method of body contouring was CoolSculpting, and this came with some significant drawbacks.

However, now there is a new player in the game, and that is TruSculpt. TruSculpt surpasses CoolSculpting in just about every way, and today we will look at just how well it outperforms in comparison.

TruSculpt Can Be Utilized Across the Body

Traditionally, body contouring has not been possible in all areas of the body. This is because it utilized freezing technology which could be potentially damaging if used on an area that was too thin, or too thick. Furthermore, the process of applying CoolSculpting required palm-sized pads, so it was not always uniform in application.

However, with the advent of TruSculpt, these restrictions are no longer necessary. Instead, a highly moveable applicator has replaced the old pad system, and it can go anywhere on the body.

A plastic surgeon is preparing to tighten the skin of the hands. Brachioplasty - plastic arms, hanging skin hanging on his hands

Furthermore, because it doesn’t use freezing technology there is virtually no discomfort to the patient. It also doesn’t cause crystalline structures to form (common with traditional body contouring) which means the results are smoother, the skin looks and feels tighter, and it is overall a more consistent appearance.

TruSculpt Treatments Are Faster

TruSculpt uses a different method than CoolSculpt for body contouring. This method utilizes monopolar focused radio frequencies, and the time it takes to achieve results is exponentially faster.

Indeed, it is said that 4 treatments of TruSculpt will only take 1 hour! Traditional body contouring takes 7 times that and the results are not nearly as consistent.

So, rather than trying the same old tired methods of body contouring, treat yourself to something that will actually work and produce the results you are looking for. Those results should include tightened skin, the reduction of thickness across areas of your body, and the confidence in your body that everyone should be able to enjoy to the fullest. So, rather than further expounding on the benefits of TruSculpt, take the time for yourself to try out this wonderful new process today!

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