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July 20, 2022

How To Become A Cosmetic Injector?

As the popularity of cosmetic injections, like botox in Calgary, grows, there is an increasing demand for certified cosmetic injectors. If you’re a licensed healthcare practitioner in Canada, like a doctor or dentist, adding cosmetic injections (also known as aesthetic injections) to your list of services can be extremely lucrative for your practice. If you’re a registered nurse, you can greatly broaden your career opportunities by adding botox injections to your repertoire of skills.

But what does it take to become a cosmetic injector? Today’s post details the requirements and process of becoming a certified health care practitioner who can inject botox in Calgary.

Can Anyone Inject Botox in Calgary?

Cosmetic injections are a relatively safe procedure, but that doesn’t mean there are potential risks. That’s why in order to become a certified purveyor of botox injections, you must already be a licensed healthcare practitioner such as a physician, dentist, registered nurse, registered practical nurse or nurse practitioner to register for a cosmetic injections training course.

That means you’re required to complete an eligible college or university program, as well as pass the NCLEX registration exam. After getting your accreditation, you can begin to add more specialized technical skills such as cosmetic injection training to your repertoire.

How To Become Certified to Inject Botox in Calgary

If you want to grow your skillset and career, several cosmetic injection training courses are available. Each of them varies slightly, but for the most part, they cover the same material. When it’s time to choose your course, ensure that it involves the following components:

  • Lectures with high-quality demonstration videos and quizzes.
  • Practical and anatomy-based learning.
  • In-person, hands-on training.
  • Supervision by medical doctors and nurses.

To get your license to perform cosmetic injections, you’ll need to complete all training course components successfully. Once you do, you’re free to either add botox injections to your practice or even start a new medi spa business! Some training courses even include a business component where you will learn how to effectively incorporate your new skill into lots of cash.

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