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Belkyra Calgary

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What Are the Benefits of Belkyra?

Getting rid of the fat under your chin has never been so simple as with the Belkyra treatments you can get with ease at The Injectionist. When you get Belkyra in Calgary, you can expect your face to look newly sculpted after it permanently eradicates the fat under your chin that can be caused by age and genetics.

Minimal Downtime

Recovery time is shockingly minimal when you get Belkyra treatment. After the treatment, you can expect some light bruising or swelling that will abate in a short amount of time.

Immediate Results

Immediate results are expected to become visibly known when the Belkyra treatment is completed. Your face will only look more sculpted and accentuated after only a matter of weeks.

Safe & Effective

When it comes to our clients, your safety is our top priority at The Injectionist. Belkyra is both effective and safe, as it is a treatment that is approved by both the FDA and Health Canada. 

Lasting Results

Belkyra treatments at The Injectionist will prove to be highly enduring, where the successful results you receive will become permanent. Your face will remain sculpted and shaped in the way you want for a very long time.

five stars

I wish there were more stars to give than just 5!!! What an amazing experience, from the moment I arrived for my appointment, I was met with friendly front staff and a warm environment. The numbing cream they used on my lips was incredible, I didn’t feel a thing. And let’s talk talent, April turned my non-existent lips into beautiful Russian works of art!!!! If you are contemplating where to go stop, you have found the place! Thank you again I am OBSESSED with my lips!

— Kim M.

Right from the start, the entire team at The Injectionist was incredibly kind, organized, and professional. April did a wonderful job with my filler and Dysport and was great at answering my questions. I had such a great experience here and I am in LOVE with my results. I will absolutely be back for all my future treatments and skincare needs!

— Leesha K.

The Injectionist was such an amazing experience. Everyone who works there is so kind and professional. It was my first time getting fillers and April went over everything and made sure to give me the lips of my dreams! Can’t wait to go back

— Stephanie W.

I love The Injectionist! They have the most beautiful space. Prices are very reasonable and their products and staff are top of the line! They are so professional and do amazing work. I would never go anywhere else!

— Pam H.

Where Can Belkyra Be Used?

When a pocket of fat appears under your chin as you get older, you don’t have to fret about this development that occurs due to genetics and age. Instead, you can go to The Injectionist and pay the Belkyra cost in Calgary to eradicate that stubborn fat under your chin, a treatment that will redefine your look and shed years off your face. Belkyra is utilized to permanently erase the fat under a chin and will effectively resculpt a face–successfully modifying it to accentuate its contours. The results of this treatment can work even better when coupled with Botox and Sculptra.

Everything You Need to Know About Belkyra

Belkyra is a swift procedure that will only take about 10-20 minutes. The treatment itself consists of deoxycholic acid will get rid of the excess fat under the chin. The Belkyra treatment will target multiple areas under the chin, and the results will become visible under your chin after multiple sessions have been completed.

Pre-Treatment Routine

You should discontinue taking blood thinners before you receive Bekyra treatment. To reduce the chances of bruising and swelling, do not consume anything ingestible that contains vitamin E or green teas. It is also recommended that keep your face cleansed but do not use any cosmetic products before getting Belkyra.

Post-Treatment Routine

Rest is not necessary when you receive Belkyra treatment, but you might experience a bit of tenderness, swelling, and reddening in the area you received your injection. To minimize any discomfort you feel, apply ice packs on the areas that are visibly bruising or swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Belkyra results begin to wear off?

Once you receive Belkyra, you shouldn’t expect the results to wear off as the effects of the procedure are permanent. This treatment will destroy the fat cells under your chin and they shouldn’t return afterward. 

Who is able to receive this cosmetic treatment?

Anyone over the age of 18 is able to receive the Belkyra injection, but it is geared toward those who are unable to get rid of the pocket of fat under their chins due to their advancing age.

When will I see results after getting Belkyra?

You will be able to noticeably see the results of Belkyra after multiple sessions, in about 2-6 weeks. But the reduction of chin fat will be visible once you complete your treatment.