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Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

When you receive laser hair removal in Calgary, you will get a high-quality treatment that will expel all unwanted hair from your body! Say goodbye to the days of trying to awkwardly position yourself for a sore waxing session or the painful moments of getting a rash or cut from shaving with a razor, as full body laser hair removal will make these methods unnecessary. Only at The Injectionist will you receive the best laser hair removal in Calgary that will endure for a long period of time!

No More Shaving

Shaving your body can often become another time-consuming chore to complete and can cause painful cuts and irritate the skin. When you get laser hair removal, you can bask in relief that you can discontinue shaving!

Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are caused by newly grown hairs that curve into the skin, instead of outside of it, and can be as painful as they are aggravating to see. Your chances of getting ingrown hairs can be completely reduced by getting laser hair removal.

Quick & Painless

Because laser hair removal is not an invasive procedure, you can expect it to be quick and painless when getting it. Laser hair removal will only take minutes, depending on the location being treated, and there are only minimal levels of discomfort involved.

Lasting Results

You can be assured that when you get laser hair removal at The Injectionist in Calgary, the results will be long-lasting. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is a proactive alternative to prevent unwanted body hair from continuing to grow.

five stars

I wish there were more stars to give than just 5!!! What an amazing experience, from the moment I arrived for my appointment, I was met with friendly front staff and a warm environment. The numbing cream they used on my lips was incredible, I didn’t feel a thing. And let’s talk talent, April turned my non-existent lips into beautiful Russian works of art!!!! If you are contemplating where to go stop, you have found the place! Thank you again I am OBSESSED with my lips!

— Kim M.

Right from the start, the entire team at The Injectionist was incredibly kind, organized, and professional. April did a wonderful job with my filler and Dysport and was great at answering my questions. I had such a great experience here and I am in LOVE with my results. I will absolutely be back for all my future treatments and skincare needs!

— Leesha K.

The Injectionist was such an amazing experience. Everyone who works there is so kind and professional. It was my first time getting fillers and April went over everything and made sure to give me the lips of my dreams! Can’t wait to go back

— Stephanie W.

I love The Injectionist! They have the most beautiful space. Prices are very reasonable and their products and staff are top of the line! They are so professional and do amazing work. I would never go anywhere else!

— Pam H.

What to Expect From Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

Laser hair removal at The Injectionist is a similar experience as that of getting laser tattoo removal as both treatments use a laser to rid the body of something that is unwanted! While you may experience a modicum of discomfort, the procedure is surprisingly painless and incredibly fast. Consisting of a hand-held laser beam passing through your body and effectively damaging the hair follicles, the laser is meant to delay the new accelerated growth of new body hair up to 12 to 16 weeks. Although a laser beam permeating your body may sound frightening, laser body hair removal is safe, secure, and above all else, effortless for the patient. Finally, you’ll find that our laser hair removal prices in Calgary will be very accessible and affordable when it comes time to pay for your treatment.

How Does the Light Sheer Diode Laser Work?

For removing any unwanted body hair with a tender and painless touch, Light Sheer Diode Laser is the perfect hair removal solution. To expel the hair from your body for months at a time while also offering a sense of safety and security to your skin, Light Sheer Diode Laser is the optimal choice in laser. This specific laser will works on targeted areas gradually and will leave you feeling lighter, smoother, and with very little levels of discomfort to endure. By penetrating the skin and diminishing the follicles enough to prevent hair growth, our Light Sheer Diode Laser will effectively and smoothly remove an abundance of body hair with ease!

Pre-Treatment Care

Before you come to The Injectionist for body hair removal, it is advised to shave the parts of your body that the laser will treat the day before the appointment. More so, you must not place any makeup, lotion, or deodorant on any parts of the body that will be treated. For three days prior to your scheduled appointment, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and discontinue any plans to suntan. Finally, you should limit your alcohol consumption to a minimum of two beverages the day before your hair removal appointment. These particular limitations should be followed to best protect your physical health and to ensure you don’t feel more discomfort than you have to during your appointment.

Post-Treatment Care

After you receive your laser hair removal treatment, reddish bumps may emerge after two hours and the targeted areas will feel slightly sensitive, much like a sunburn. You can ease any discomfort by applying icepacks to these areas and cleanse them daily as well, gently and with a natural soap. It is advised to avoid using deodorant and lotion for 24 hours and avoid direct sunlight to prevent dark spots from forming on the treated areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there side effects when getting laser hair removal treatment?

There is very low risk of attaining any side effects, but the most common can include itching, slight swelling, irritation on the treated areas, and redness.

Is downtime a necessity after getting laser hair removal?

Downtime is not necessary after getting your unwanted body hair removed with our lasers! All that you have to do is to stay away from lotions and scented body products for 24 hours and do not wax or tweeze the areas on your body that were targeted.

Do I qualify for laser hair removal?

Most people qualify to receive laser hair removal. Those with fine and blonde hairs on their body might not see desired and effective results and will want to rethink paying for a procedure that might not work for them.