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Skin Tightening in Edmonton

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The Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

To firm and tighten your skin, you’ll want to get the ever-effective skin tightening in Edmonton at The injectionist! Similar to body contouring, laser skin tightening works to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen and elastin that may have been lacking due to age, genetics or pregnancy. Without an abundance of collagen and elastin, your skin will become loose and noticeably sagging. This can be helped by getting the effective laser skin tightening procedure in Edmonton that will take merely 30 to 90 minutes to complete with transformative results to follow!

Tighten Loose & SagginG Skin

To tighten loose and sagging skin caused gradually by aging, get a laser skin tightening procedure that will utilize modern technological advancements to make your skin firm and supple again!

Tighten Post-Pregnancy Stomach

Post-pregnancy stomach can be incredibly challenging for any mother to tighten, but it can be easily accomplished when you book your appointment to receive laser skin tightening at The Injectionist!

Tighten Flabby Arm Skin

A loss of collagen and elastin in the arms can result in flabby and sagging skin that is primarily caused by aging. Flabby arms can be reversed through laser skin tightening and will do an effective job in aging you backwards!

Lift Eye, Cheek and Forehead Areas

Volume isn’t just lost on parts of the body as you age as it most often occurs on the eyes, cheeks and forehead! Of course, a loss of collagen around the facial region can be rectified with the use of laser skin tightening!

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I wish there were more stars to give than just 5!!! What an amazing experience, from the moment I arrived for my appointment, I was met with friendly front staff and a warm environment. The numbing cream they used on my lips was incredible, I didn’t feel a thing. And let’s talk talent, April turned my non-existent lips into beautiful Russian works of art!!!! If you are contemplating where to go stop, you have found the place! Thank you again I am OBSESSED with my lips!

— Kim M.

Right from the start, the entire team at The Injectionist was incredibly kind, organized, and professional. April did a wonderful job with my filler and Dysport and was great at answering my questions. I had such a great experience here and I am in LOVE with my results. I will absolutely be back for all my future treatments and skincare needs!

— Leesha K.

The Injectionist was such an amazing experience. Everyone who works there is so kind and professional. It was my first time getting fillers and April went over everything and made sure to give me the lips of my dreams! Can’t wait to go back

— Stephanie W.

I love The Injectionist! They have the most beautiful space. Prices are very reasonable and their products and staff are top of the line! They are so professional and do amazing work. I would never go anywhere else!

— Pam H.

What to Expect From Laser Skin Tightening in Edmonton

Skin tightening by laser can work on the stomach, face, jawline, neck, and anywhere else on the body where the skin is explicitly sagging and a bit flabby. With a hot laser targeting these areas, you won’t experience any significant discomfort or feel any burning sensation as the laser works to stimulate the collagen and elastin that may have been dormant due to age.

Skin tightening the cutera laser edmonton

The Cutera Laser

The Cutera Laser is an innovative piece of technology that treats skin conditions, such as excess loose skin on the body and sun damaged areas. As The Cutera Laser helps produce collagen that will promote skin revitalization and newly refined elasticity, you can embrace a youthful glow as your skin tightens and signs of age minimize.

Pre & Post-Treatment Care

Before your laser skin tightening appointment, you should reduce your exposure to the sun four weeks beforehand. Do not get a chemical peel for at least four weeks before the procedure and to prepare for the laser treatment, apply a thin layer of retinol on your face four weeks prior to the appointment. After you have received the treatment, you should take further precautions against direct sun exposure and you should know it is normal to experience some slight itching and a minimal amount of pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a laser skin tightening procedure invasive?

No, not at all! This laser treatment is an alternative to cosmetic surgery that will resolve any issues you have concerning saggy and flabby skin, or other signs of aging!

Are results visible immediately following the treatment?

No, as with most cosmetic procedures, you’ll have to practice patience when it comes to seeing results. You’ll typically begin to see results following the third treatment.

How many laser treatments are required?

Typically, four or five laser skin tightening treatments are needed to see successful results.