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Body Contouring & Sculpting in Edmonton

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The Benefits of Body Sculpting & Contouring

When you visit The Injectionist & Aesthetics for muscle sculpting and body contouring in Edmonton, you will be able to tighten your skin, effectively reducing cellulite and wrinkles, and eliminate or reshape areas on your body that you want to change. With our non invasive body contouring and sculpting procedure, you can transform your appearance with ease and success!

Reduce Inches

When you get body sculpting and contouring done at The Injectionist, you’ll be able to reduce inches from any stubborn area on your body that has historically been challenging to diminish.

Tighten Skin

Your skin losing elasticity is inevitable as you begin to age, but fortunately, this can be remedied when you acquire body sculpting and contouring! This treatment will effectively tighten your loose skin, giving you a youthful glow!

Reduce Cellulite

When you have cellulite, it can seem nearly impossible to eradicate–no matter how hard you try. But when you get a body sculpting and contouring treatment, you can successfully rid parts of your body from the confines of cellulite!

Target Any Location

Body sculpting and contouring doesn’t discriminate against any part of the body as the procedure can target and successfully procure stunning results from a multitude of areas of your choosing!

five stars

I wish there were more stars to give than just 5!!! What an amazing experience, from the moment I arrived for my appointment, I was met with friendly front staff and a warm environment. The numbing cream they used on my lips was incredible, I didn’t feel a thing. And let’s talk talent, April turned my non-existent lips into beautiful Russian works of art!!!! If you are contemplating where to go stop, you have found the place! Thank you again I am OBSESSED with my lips!

— Kim M.

Right from the start, the entire team at The Injectionist was incredibly kind, organized, and professional. April did a wonderful job with my filler and Dysport and was great at answering my questions. I had such a great experience here and I am in LOVE with my results. I will absolutely be back for all my future treatments and skincare needs!

— Leesha K.

The Injectionist was such an amazing experience. Everyone who works there is so kind and professional. It was my first time getting fillers and April went over everything and made sure to give me the lips of my dreams! Can’t wait to go back

— Stephanie W.

I love The Injectionist! They have the most beautiful space. Prices are very reasonable and their products and staff are top of the line! They are so professional and do amazing work. I would never go anywhere else!

— Pam H.

What to Expect With Trusculpt Body Sculpting & Contouring

When you get Trusculpt, you can expect a personalized, painless and non-invasive procedure that will target the areas on your body that you want to tighten with a heat source that feels akin to a hot stone massage. Trusculpt is a modern and cutting edge technological advancement that will swiftly break down fat and accelerate the skin tightening method, where the results of the treatment will be made explicit in six to eight weeks.

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How Does Trusculpt Work?

You can be guaranteed that Trusculpt is a medically safe treatment that isn’t as invasive as other skin tightening and fat reducing procedures. Results from Trusculpt are assured, secure, and, above all else, successful. This particular approach uses a heat source and radiofrequency for intensity to reduce the fat cells and narrows its focus on stubborn fat cells in just a couple of treatments.

Why Trusculpt?

Upon choosing to receive Trusculpt, you will soon realize that the procedure involves no pain nor any levels of discomfort. The procedure is completed in a quick amount of time and will not be an inconvenience as the recovery time is incredibly swift. Trusculpt is your only option for successful sculpting and contouring treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

When you receive body contouring and sculpting treatments, one treatment can suffice for some as a single treatment will focus on many areas. Others may opt to get more treatments to tweak and perfect some areas of their body.

How long do the results from body sculpting and contouring last?

Results can last up to three weeks or more. You can return for frequent treatments to continue to tighten your skin and remove signs of aging from your body.

How long are typical treatments?

Body sculpting and contouring using modern technologies like Trusculpt tends to last a mere fifteen minutes.