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February 20, 2020

The Cost Of Microdermabrasion In Calgary

Are you thinking about trying out a microdermabrasion session? This non-invasive procedure helps you exfoliate and remove your dead skin cells to make way for new skin. The procedure can help you achieve a balanced skin tone, smaller pores, and healthy-looking skin. But just what can you expect to pay for a session in Calgary? Here’s everything you need to know.

Before you call a microdermabrasion Calgary clinic, you’ll probably want to get an idea of what you’ll end up paying. On average, it can cost anywhere from $70 to $200 per session. The costs will vary depending on the reputation of the skin care center and the techniques that they may specialize in.

Microdermabrasion Calgary

For example, some skin clinics will use crystal microdermabrasion, which is the most common type. It sprays super fine crystals onto your skin while vacuuming it away for exfoliation. The other type is diamond-tip microdermabrasion. This procedure uses a diamond tip to work on your skin as opposed to crystals. Both techniques work great, but diamond microdermabrasion will end up costing more.

You Can Save Money with Multiple Sessions

Microdermabrasion isn’t something people get just once. Many patients are satisfied with the results and come back when they feel like they need it. That’s why many microdermabrasion Calgary skin centres will offer multi-session packages to their clients.

You can save money by opting to go with multiple sessions. You can save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent depending on the clinic. It’s best to talk to the skin technician and ask if you can try out a session before going with the package. Many will be more than happy to agree. If you’re satisfied, you can simply pay the remaining balance for the multi-session package.

Other Procedures Can Be Bundled In As Well

Many skin clinics bundle in other packages as well. For example, the skin centre may add other procedures like laser hair removal, chemical/laser peels, lip injections, and botox as part of the deal. If you’re looking for other services, ask about what kind of bundles or discounts are offered.

Trust the Experts for Your Microdermabrasion in Calgary

Overall, microdermabrasion isn’t an expensive procedure. However, you will end up wanting to come back for repeat sessions, so it’s usually worth it to go with the multi-session packages.