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August 7, 2020

Which Is Better: Fat Freezing or Trusculpt?

The differences between fat freezing and Trusculpt are significant. Indeed, it is true that both are versions of the same thing, which is body contouring in Calgary. However, that is almost exactly where the similarities end for these two beauty treatments.

Overall, you can consider Trusculpt as the superior method over fat freezing. There are many reasons for this, which we will get into down below, but chiefly, it boils down to just one. Fat freezing came first. Yes, it was a good idea at the time, and it brought a lot of innovation to body contouring in Calgary, but it didn’t bring the necessary methods and techniques to evolve the industry.

The Advantages of Trusculpt

Treatment Areas

One of the most noticeable improvements over fat freezing technology is Trusculpt’s ability to treat difficult or smaller areas. Traditionally, technicians had to reserve the treatment for large areas of the body, like the torso and thighs. However, with the smaller wand and dynamic range of the new Trusculpt wand, many additional regions can receive treatment, such as the neck, arms, and even the calves.

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Discomfort Rating

Another area where Trusculpt shines brightly over fat freezing is the amount of discomfort during the treatment. With the old method, fat freezing, the treated areas needed massage to be brought back to room temperature. However, the technique is different for Trusculpt, and the freezing portion is no longer required. This gives greater comfort and reduces the recovery time after treatment as an added bonus.

Treatment Availability

A third reason that Trusculpt surpasses fat freezing is the lack of limitations. Fat freezing had limits for people who were obese or underweight, but those limits went out the window with Trusculpt. The new and improved treatment is effective on almost all body types, which is a great boon for those who felt excluded during the reign of fat freezing.

Treatment Time

The final advantage we consider when looking at different body contouring methods is the treatment time. During a one hour session, Trusculpt can treat up to 4 different areas. Comparatively, fat freezing can take over an hour just to treat a single space the same size! The difference is staggering and provides excellent support for the benefits of the new body contouring treatment.

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