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November 19, 2022

Is a Chemical Peel Safe?

Are chemical peels in Edmonton safe?

Chemical peels in Edmonton are a cosmetic procedure that consists of a chemical solution applied to the facial skin by a licensed professional. The older layer of skin will peel off, revealing healthier skin underneath that is often clearer and smoother. A chemical peel has become a viable alternative to combat age lines, sun damage, and acne scars, but many who are interested in receiving this treatment might wonder if is safe. Because chemical peeling is synonymous with a burning sensation that induces excessive peeling, many perceive this treatment as a potential danger to their skin. But with more research on the treatment, you’ll be able to ascertain the associated risks with chemical peels, their benefits, and the degree to which it's harmful to each individual. 

Determine how safe a chemical peel is for you, what it entails, and how it will affect your skin once you have received it. 

Chemical peel candidates 

More often than not, fair-skinned individuals with even skin textures receive better results than those with darker skin tones, who have a high chance of an uneven skin tone after the chemical solution is applied to the skin. Although anyone can receive the chemical peel, it is not recommended for those who have substantial bulges around the facial area and deep wrinkles, which typically do not respond well to the chemical solution that is applied. Those who want to correct less severe skin conditions, such as sun-damaged skin and minor wrinkles, are good candidates to receive a chemical peel. 

For other treatments to correct deep wrinkles and substantial skin problems, a dermatologist can work with you to find you a proper solution that won’t harm your skin. 

Before procedure

To ensure your utmost safety before you get a chemical peel, you should visit a medical professional or licenced cosmetic professional to get the facts and to see if the procedure will positively impact your skin. More so, inquire about the medication you’re on and determine if it will interact with the chemical solution and how you can properly prepare your skin for the treatment. Further, you can select the level of chemical peel you want and ask how the depth of each level will affect your skin. These levels range from light, medium, and deep chemical peels, and the level you acquire will depend on the healing process and the posed risks involved.  

After procedure

After you have received a chemical peel, specifically the light and medium level chemical peel, you can expect a sensation similar to a sunburn, where you’ll begin to gradually peel in the days following. For safety reasons, refrain from direct sun exposure and begin to bandage the treated areas if needed. 

Potential complications 

Complications related to chemical peels in Edmonton are relatively minimal, and you are at low risk of suffering from any, but they still can happen. Different skin types can be susceptible to skin colour changes in the treated areas, and discoloration is more likely to occur if you’re taking birth control pills or if you have a family history of discolouration. Additionally, scarring can happen, but this occurrence is rare. 


Generally, chemical peels are safe to receive. Still, complications can arise if you have a history of discoloration or cold sores or are taking certain medications that do not interact well with the treatment, all of which need to be discussed with a healthcare professional before the chemical solution is applied. 

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