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We have 3 different facials that are customized to your needs

Diamond Facial - For acne prone skin Luxury Facial- For Hydration Timeless Facial - For Anti-aging You get a cleanse, tone exfoliation, extraction lymphatic massage, targeted active ingredients for your skin concerns and more! They all include the luxury algae jelly masks by Casmara and LED light therapy at the end. We ONLY use Leading Medical Grade Gold Standard Products (the ones your dermatologist sell) not spa grade products - which mean the purest of active ingredients that penetrate deep and that we know are safe, with studies and technology behind them!

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frequently asked questions

How long does it take to see results?

What is the downtime?

Is it comfortable?

How many treatments are needed?

What are the risks?

How often should I get a facial?

To keep the skin healthy and glowing, we recommend coming every 6 weeks.

What can I combine with facials for the best results?

Dermaplaning, chemical peels, and microneedling can greatly enhance and lengthen your results.

how does it compare?


TruSculpt Flex

Leading Competitor

FDA Approved



Treatment Time

45 minutes

30 minutes


Multi Directional Stimulation

Magnetic Muscle Stimulation

minimum Treatments



Number of Contractions



Muscle Mass Gain



Treatment Modes



Areas per treatment



Energy absorbed by muscles



Side Effects



treat Front & Back simultaneously









pricing and membership

$750 per session, one area | $1000 per session, two areas | $1150 per session, three areas


Purchase 4

One area: $2,400 ($600 per session)
Two areas: $3,200 ($800 per session)
Three areas: $3,680 ($920 per session)

Purchase 6

One area: $3,150 ($525 per session)
Two areas: $4,200 ($700 per session)
Three areas: $4,800 ($800 per session)

Introductory offer

Buy 4 of any and get the TRUBODY FREE, and a 4 paddle trusculpt iD ($2,600 VALUE)
Buy 6 of any and get the TRUBODY FREE, and a 6 paddle trusculpt iD ($3,900 VALUE)


❤️ Stay toned all year!
❤️ 12 Sessions on ALL THREE AREAS CHOSEN + Trusculpt iD 6 Paddle + Tempsure Flexsure Skin Tightening on Body
❤️ 12-month membership commitment
❤️ Auto charged monthly 

✨ GET THREE AREAS at each session (example glutes, stomach, flanks)
✨ Initial 6 sessions (BEST result)
✨ 6 follow-up treatments to keep your results strong all year!
✨ 1x 6 paddle Trusculpt ID treatment ($3,900 Value)
✨ 1x Complimentary FLEXSURE Body Tightening treatment ($750 value)
✨ Protein shake at every visit
✨ $1,099 down payment (This is even cheaper than one session of 3 areas to get started for 12.)
✨ $450 per month - recurs monthly starting immediately for 12 periods

The full value of this package is over $18,000 and you’ll only pay a total of $6499 with tons of perks!!!

pairs well with -

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A three step facial that tightens pores, reduces lines, and rejuvenates your skin at a deeper level.

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Chemical Peels

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, tone, melasma and hyperpigmentation.

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Happy Client

I’ve been to other clinics before to get services done, but I have to say this place surpasses all of them by far. From the minute I walk into the minute I step out, I felt incredibly welcomed, well taken care of, and got my needs met.

Ali H.

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