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March 30, 2020

What Makes TruSculpt So Popular With Body Contouring?

Body contouring is one of the most effective ways to shed excess fat in trouble areas and build a better figure. TruSculpt is a treatment that has been rising in popularity for body contouring. For a long time, Coolsculpting has been the go-to treatment. How do the two treatments compare? Let’s find out.

Both Treatments Aim to Achieve the Same Results

Both TruSculpt and Coolsculpting aim for the same results. The goal is to help get rid of fat, especially stubborn fat that doesn’t burn off through diet and exercise alone. What makes these two technologies different is the means in which they help to remove fat from your body.

Coolsculpting works by pulling in fat and using a cold treatment to freeze fat cells. The fat cells then die and are eliminated over time. TruSculpt works in almost the opposite way. It uses radio frequency to actually heat the cells and eliminate the cells from your body. But when it comes to Coolsculpting vs TruSculpt comparisons, there are reasons why more people are opting for TruSculpt.

Trusculp Calgary

The Benefits of TruSculpt vs Coolsculpting

There are clear pros when comparing Coolsculpting vs TruSculpt. First, TruSculpt can help you target all parts of your body. It uses a free-moving applicator that can be applied to different parts of your body like your chin, arms, back, and glutes. In comparison, Coolsculpting is more stationary and there are limits to what parts of your body it can work effectively on.

Second, because of the free-moving applicator, TruSculpt is more effective for body sculpting. You can achieve a better body shape and more consistent results. With Coolsculpting the results can be uneven or blocky because of how the applicator is used. This usually results in having to get multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.

Third, Coolsculpting is not for everyone. It is only suitable for patients with a BMI lower than 30 due to how the applicator works. On the other hand, truSculpt can work on all patients due to how the applicator is used. It can be used before and after fat loss programs.

The Benefits of TruSculpt

There are other benefits of TruSculpt:

– Patients will notice results in just a single treatment.

– You can have an average of 24% loss of fat in targeted areas with a few treatments.

– The procedure is non-invasive and virtually painless. There’s no downtime at all.

As a result of these benefits, more patients are opting for TruSculpt. It’s a step forward in technology for body contouring and offers better results for patients.

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