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March 19, 2021

Why Invest In Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

When it comes to fat loss and body shaping, some people may assume that you cannot achieve significant results with non-invasive procedures. But this is all changing with non-surgical body contouring in Calgary.

Here are some reasons why this procedure works and is a good investment.

It’s The Go-To Fat Loss Treatment

In Calgary, the truSculpt 3D is becoming the go-to technology for fat loss. This is a fairly new technology that uses radiofrequency waves to destroy fat cells. With many procedures that are out there, you have to deal with pain, long recovery times, and harsh side effects.

truSculpt 3D is completely different from the other procedures. The pain is minimal with many patients reporting that it was pain-free. After you are done with the procedure, you can walk out of the clinic and continue with your day as if nothing had happened.

Minimal Side Effects

The side effects of the procedure are minimal as well. You may experience some redness, tenderness, and itchiness in the area that was worked on. Most of these symptoms also tend to resolve as quickly as a few hours.

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Targets Multiple Body Areas

One of the most attractive aspects of this non-invasive body contouring in Calgary is the fact it can target the common trouble areas. This includes under the arms, the inner thighs, the sides, and the belly. Many patients may be doing all the right things, but have to deal with stubborn fat in these areas.

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This is significant because some of the other body contouring procedures only target a general area. Fat freezing procedures, for example, are designed to target a wide area due to how the device is designed. This doesn’t produce the desired results for people dealing with problem areas like the inner thighs.

The big thing that makes truSculpt 3D stand out is the fact that patients can see as much as a 36 percent reduction in fat loss with just one treatment. There are many before and after pictures that show the dramatic results. And of course, you will see better results with multiple treatments.

These are the reasons you should try body contouring. Make sure you visit a clinic that uses truSculpt 3D if you want to take advantage of the latest technology.

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